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What is the catch – how do you make your money?


We had a property which we tried to sell during the G.F.C.

The RE Agent couldn’t sell it for months. It just sat there. We had already paid AUS$15,000 for our advertising campaign for nothing. For that money we could – and did – build our own website diypa.com.au.

We sold our house in three weeks from our website….

So, if you list with a Real Estate Agency, let’s tell you how it works. Most of them immediately put it on Realestate.com or REIWA.com.au for which they are charged a fortune and the costs are passed on to you, the advertiser.

When you advertise with DIYPA we press a button and go “CLICK” to authorise your ad – it is then live on the Internet. The same Internet that they put it on. Thats all we have to do. Is it worth hundreds of dollars to go click? We charge you $100.00 we’ll tell you why later.

What is the catch – how do you make your money?

The next questions you ask – “How do you make your money?”- “Whats the catch” – is it a con?”

No, it isn’t; this is a genuine, almost free opportunity to either sell your house yourself or to augment the advertising of your Real Estate Agent to hopefully add yet another dimension to your sales and marketing plan and move you property on a little more speedily.

We left DIYPA dormant for a few years then friends of ours were trying to sell their house and heard about how we sold ours and asked if they could put theirs’ up. Which they did. So we opend up DIYPA.com.au to everyone with any Homes, Businesses, Rentals etc. that they wanted to sell. FREE! We had so much spam – it was unbelievable. We had to erase 12,000 or so new “Users” within weeks. So we put in a nominal charge of AUS$100.00 to get rid of the spammers. We now get about two spams a month.

So, how do we make a fortune?

We don’t. We are long retired and it is now just a hobby.


Good luck with your selling.


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