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Why advertise with DIYPA.com.au?


We all know that 80% of real estate sales come through the Internet.

Real Estate Company used to put photos of properties for sale in their office window but who still looks there? Nowadays they will probably advertise for sellers through Real Estate.com (and all your dollars vanish off to the good old US of A), or they may even advertise with REIWA.com.au or similar. Both charge way over the top for each advertisement.

However with DIYPA.com.au (Do-It-Yourself-Property-Advertising) it will only cost you AUS$100 to advertise your property on the Internet until it is sold  or for 12 MONTHS whichever comes first.


For Real Estate Agents with properties that just won’t sell.


Put your listing with DIYPA.com.au. It will only cost you $200 per year for as many ads as you like.  It would be much better than losing your customer to a competitor.


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