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Why advertise with DIYPA? 80% of real estate sales come through the Internet. If you list with a Real Estate Company, they will probably advertise for you through Real Estate.com (and all your dollars vanish off to the good old US of A), they may even advertise with REIWA.com.au or similar. DIYPA – is local and far less expensive just AUS$10 until it is sold – or for 12 MONTHS, whichever comes first.

We have already listed with a Licensed Real Estate Agent, can we advertise with you? Yes. Any extra advertising will always help to sell it quicker.

Do we have to pay DIYPA if our property sells off your ads?
Definitely not. We are not Real Estate Agents, we simply provide Online Advertising through the Internet, worlwide. We have no hidden fees, no commissions—nothing. However, if you signed an “EXCLUSIVE Sales Agreement” with a Real Estate Agent, you will still have to pay your Agents full commission. If the word Exclusive does not appear on your agreement, you may not have to pay them a commission. Always check before signing anything.

How long does our ad last for? 12 months or until it has been marked as sold or you delete your listing. There is nothing worse than “Dead” ads so we would really appreciate sellers letting us know when it has been sold.

Registration why have we not received authorisation yet ? Unfortunately, due to the HUGE amount of SPAM we receive, all  robotic spam, suspicious emails and all generic @gmail.com, @yahoo.com etc disappear into the junk/delete folder. ALL genuine emails are responded to.

What is the catch – how do you make your money? We had a property which we tried to sell in the G.F.C. The RE Agent couldn’t sell it for months. It just sat there. Advertising was laughably expensive so we built our own website diypa.com.au and sold our house in three weeks. When you advertise with us we press a button and go “click” to authorise your ad and out it goes onto the Internet. Assuming you have no problems, thats all we have to do. That is all the multinationals do as well – but they charge thousands of dollars. We charge you $10. A no brainer – good luck!

How do we contact you? For either Property advertisements or Service Provider advertisements contact sales@diypa.com.au if you are already an advertiser please don’t forget to include your ad Reference Number!



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